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December 23rd, 2008, 06:50 PM
Hello Mac Users,
I have two Mac IIci's that need testing, so I have a few questions about them.
1. Can a keyboard from a Mac SE be used on an IIci?

2. Were there any aftermarket monitors ever made for an IIci, does anybody have a list?

3. Does any body have a list of older PC monitors that would work on an IIci?


December 23rd, 2008, 07:34 PM
1. The SE keyboards can be used with the IIci with no problems

2. There weren't many monitors marketed specifically as aftermarket ones for Macs. If you get the correct adapter (it adapter the monitor plug on a Mac to a standard VGA connector), an older PC monitor should work (assuming it has the correct sync-on-green signal).

3. There isn't really a list. I would get an adapter and try any PC monitor you have. Some work, some don't

December 23rd, 2008, 09:22 PM
Any old monitor that has sync on green should work with the built in IIci video (which is only 640x480 I think). I recommend anything made by Sony, with adapters.

You can get a Nubus video card if you need high resolution and better color depth (speed too).

There were quite a few PC monitors sold for the mac, I have a mirror branded monitor that just has a mac to VGA adapter on the cable end (have not looked into who actually made that monitor).

All the major video card makers back in the day made their own mac monitors (Supermac, Rasterops, emachines, etc), plus NEC and Sony had monitors that did the mac only modes and included adapters in the box.

December 24th, 2008, 07:05 PM
Thanks for the info guys. I have a few older monitors around that I'll have to give a try after the holidays.

Micom 2000
December 24th, 2008, 07:38 PM
The IIci is my favorite early Mac. One of the most adaptable especially when the (memory? Video?) card was added. I can't remember what it did, but it was supposedly the essential add-on for the IIci. It reputedly was one of the only Macs able to accept the Radiis special monitors such as the full-screen or vertical/sideways monitors without an added video card. One of the items on my to-do list is to test on it my full-length screen monitor (which once upon a time did power up) once so beloved by writers since it displayed an 8 1/2 " by 11" page on screen. Don't ask. Some of us collectors are so flighty and have so many new projects which consume our interest, that we don't follow thru on some thngs we should. I even have a card adaptor for using it on a Mac-Plus still on the to-do list from before the acquisiton of my first IIci. I have 2. The getting it to work and learning about the OS is more important to me usually, and if a perpheral is reputed to work one accepts that without necessarily verifying it. MEA CULPA.
If I can get up some enthusiasm about it, I might test it now that it has been brought to my attention once more. But I have many other projects begging for my attention and I detect burn-out on my own body parts.


December 24th, 2008, 10:16 PM
I have a couple IIci and IIcx (no built in video, FPU on the motherboard). I have them stuffed with cards they are nice machines, the fastest has a Daystar 68040/33 overclcoked to 48Mhz with the help of a big heatsink and cooling fan and a new oscillator (wish it has the cache option). Installing the optinal 32K cache card sped things up quite a bit, I also have an Exceed 128K cache card where some of the cache was used to speed up FPU rsults quite a bit (I think). Built in video is a letdown, but decent for its age. I tend to stuff Rasterops video cards with Nubus DSP video accelerators also made by Rasterops in them.

If you have the space a IIfx is the way to go :)