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Micom 2000
December 24th, 2008, 06:39 PM
Some reflections of my own skewed sense of humour. And looking forward hopefully, but skepticly to the Obama presidency.

In the early 80s I worked with a group which helped unemployed and homeless people.
One of our members wrote a poem for our newsletter, which unfortunately I no longer have.

In light of the meltdown of the world economy, the ending lines of his poem ring clear.
To paraphrase from my fadng memory;

"When all of this is over, I want a job shovelling worthless stock certificates
into basement furnaces to help heat the homeless shelter above."

and secondly;

I'm delighted so many fellow canucks are now part of the forum. They'll likely appreciate this hard joke from a canadian comedian better than some of our close US neighbors. MY parents, BTW were US-born.

"Americans should be thankful that they still have a neighboring country like ours. One of the few in the world where they can still take a family vacation without fear of retribution by locals".

And a merry Festivus(for the rest of us) greeting to you all, and may the new year not be a Chinese "interesting" one,
in these trying times.