View Full Version : the c64 is dead, long live the c64dtv

January 5th, 2009, 04:01 PM
Hi Guys
Well my other C64 breadbin just bit the dust, after an afternoon repairing a data drive and ordering the bits to start saving wav files of my fave software, and getting ear ache about making a mess and not packing up the xmass tree; I got halfway through loading Way of the Exploding Fist (amazed the tape worked) and the C64 black screened on me. it will reboot but then dies after a few mins with characters dissipating and black cubes dancing around the screen.
However, all may not be lost I brought a C64dtv a couple of years ago at a car boot for a couple of quid.


and have discovered they can be hacked and modded - I just wondered if any of you guys have tried any of this, as I am thinking of having a go of putting some of my fave software on there. i have seen a few knocking about on ebay if anybody else fancies a go and may pick up another for myself to mod and give to a friend as a present. Not sure i could do it without some help though, but fingers crossed.

do you think i could use the parts from my old breadbins?
has anybody done this already?