View Full Version : Windows 3.11 on PCI Plug & Play Computer.

January 7th, 2009, 06:18 AM
When I ran Windows 3.11 I had a 486 and the computer was all 16 bit slots.

I have a few computers in my vast pile that are old Pentium's but all PCI and Plug and Play.

How much hassle would I run into installing Windows 3.11 on these types of computers and running Pre Windows 95 - DOS type Games, or would I be better off Installing Windows 95 to run these kinds of games?

January 7th, 2009, 06:45 AM
I just did this with a PII machine. Works fine. I have:
PII at 300 MHz
128 MB RAM (dos 6.22 only uses 64)
AWE 64 Gold (PNP)
Linksys 503-TX+ network card (pci)
Model M keyboard
PS/2 optical mouse
Trident/Jaton 3dImage 9750 agp video card

Found all the drivers are various places. Had to install the CTM (creative PNP manager) for the AWE then the drivers worked fine.

Running Dos 6.22, WFW 3.11, DOOM, DOOM2, Quake, SimCity, etc. Downloaded an 8GB torrent of dos games just to mess around with. Some are just unusable at this speed.

WFW is 1280 x 1024 64k colors.

Installed my infocom collection series.

Reliving my teen/early adult years at about 10 times the speed.

Powering off is a problem. Have to hold the power switch for several seconds since I don't have software to shut it down.

January 7th, 2009, 07:56 AM
My rather new PC, AMD Athlon from 2004, boots a DOS 6.2 /S-formated floppy just fine. However, I got some problems getting my SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum (why do they allways call them with so complicated names?) to work. It looks like all PCI SoundBlasters have cut support for DOS, anyway, nobody would like to port the Windows XP drivers for them to DOS.

Video should be easy. To check if your card got a spesific BIOS-video mode, download FRACTINT, and type in the specs you want to test. FRACTINT got support for everything from CGA 320*200, 4 coulor and upwards. All you need is BIOS support for the mode you plan to use with it. You'll get an error message if you don't have support. The 3 nice things with FRACTINT is that it is 1: Hands down the best fractal plotter for DOS (IIRC, it runs on everything from an XT (at least from the AT to Windows XP, and problably Vista too).

All Windows 3.11 FWG needs to be pleased is a good-enough video adapter and a keyboard, but a mouse would come in handy too. Most of the video cards still got backward-compability, and some motherboards do still have RS-232 connectors (for mouse), and a keyboard connector. I would not recomend using USB Keyboard and mices as of they're likely to need drivers.

DOS games might be a problem, escapely the really old ones. If you reffer to really old games from the early 80's, they are more likely to not use the system timer, hence, they'll run in the processor's speed. As of many of today's motherboards don't go as low as 4.77MHz, lot's of therse old games will go... well... 5000% faster than usual :crazy: :huh: .
Make sure you don't burst your fingers ;) .