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January 10th, 2009, 10:38 AM
TI-99/4A Software & Hardware (Sale or Trade) for Apple IIe Stuff!!!!!!!
I have a bunch of Texas Instruments TI-99/4 & TI-99/4A software and hardware.
It is all for sale or trade for Apple IIe stuff or Myarc/CorComp TI Cards

Editor Assembler Software with Large Manual/Binder
Microsoft Multiplan Software with Large Manual/Binder
TI Logo II Software with Large Manual/Binder
TI Writer Word Processor with Large Manual/Binder
(These are all Original)

Numerous Cassette Software including Games, Educational, Finance and more (no manuals and these are not originals but have been tested and work fine)

Personal Record Keeping (With Manual)
Statistics (With Manual)
Multiplication 1
Personal Report Generator (With Manual)
Munch Man
Car Wars (With Manual)
Disk Manager 2
TI Invaders (With Manual)
Extended Basic (With 100+ Page Book)
Terminal Emulator II (With Manual)
(Cartridges are all Original TI)

Floppy Disk Drive (Model PHP 1250)
(This is an Original TI Floppy Drive for the Expansion Box)

Beginners Basic
Numerous Hardware Manuals

January 10th, 2009, 11:57 AM
Third-Party TI parts manufacturers in the US:

Foundation Computing: made a 128K Memory Card, a CP/M Card, and an 80-Column Card.

Morning Star: made a CP/M Card and a 128K Memory Card.

CorComp: made a 32K Memory Card, a 256K/512K Memory Card, an RS232 Card, A Triple-Tech Card (Print Buffer, Memory, and Speech dock), and a DSDD Floppy Controller Card. They had a line of external peripherals as well: the 9900 peripherals, which included 32K Memory, RS232, and DSDD Controllers in a mix-and-match case, along with an external version of the 256K/512K Memory Card. They also made several very rare cartridges: TI/IBM Connection, Peripheral Diagnostic Module, and the X-10 Home Sentry Module.

Myarc: made the Personality Card (SASI HD Controller), a 32K/128K/256K/512K Memory Card, an RS232 Card, a DSDD Floppy Controller, the Hard and Floppy Disk Controller (HFDC), and the Geneve 9640. They also made a Myarc Extended BASIC II Cartridge.

Captain's Wheel: Made a 32K Memory Card for the expansion box and as an external peripheral, as well as an RS232 external peripheral.

Percom Data: made an external disk drive with integrated controller (DSSD).

Cecure Electronics: MBP II Card (analog controller card)

Bud Mills (Horizon): Several different sizes of RAM Disk cards, the P-GRAM card, and a 2MB memory card for the Geneve 9640 called the MEMEX Card.

RAVE99: Made a 2MB RAM Disk and a Speech Synthesizer adapter board for the Expansion Box. They also made a RAVE Expansion box in a PC Case and a board to adapt a PC Keyboard to a TI.

DataBioTics: a 2MB RAM Disk called the Grand RAM and lots of cartridges.

Southwest 99ers: 512K and 1MB AEMS Memory Boards.

Asgard: 128K AMS Memory Boards (later extended to AEMS by SW99ers), several cartridges, and a lot of disk software.

Miller's Graphics: GRAM Kracker.

That is most of the stuff produced in the US--it doesn't include Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Holland, Austria, or France, which also made interesting hardware items that I have either seen or own. It also doesn't include most of the cartridge manufacturers.