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January 13th, 2009, 03:28 AM

Well, look what I started...

I got a note from Bob Armstrong of Spare Time Gizmos, and there is an effort to re-start the FP6120. This is a front panel for the SBC6120 with switches and blinkenlights... it is similar to the PDP/8e front panel. It's not cheap due to the custom manufactured front panel. Contact Bob directly on this if you are interested.

Note that I have no business interest in this - I just want PDP-8's and clones to live on...

Bob's note is below...

By a nearly unanimous vote, the option selected was the "expensive" one -
$410 for a kit including the faceplate, PC board, GALs, switches, LED bar,
and two connectors. I've ordered all the specialty parts, including the
faceplates and switches this morning, and the expected delivery is sometime
around the middle of February. If everybody who ordered a SBC6120 kit in
the last few weeks also orders a front panel to go with it then there will
be just enough kits to go around. I don't really expect this to happen, but
on the other hand, I don't know exactly what will happen.

Because of that, I want to give the people who bought SBC6120 kits
recently on the hope that they'd also get a front panel the opportunity to
pre-order one. If you want to pre-order a front panel partial kit at $410
each, plus S&H and sales tax, email me and let me know the number you want
remind me of the email address you use for PayPal. I'll send you a PayPal
invoice for the purchase price, and you can pay it to complete your
pre-order. Shipping for the front panel kits will be $35 for USA addresses
and $65 for international addresses. Because of the size of the faceplates,
I can only pack one piece per box, so there'll be no discount on shipping
for multiple orders.

Let me emphasize that NO ONE IS REQUIRED TO PRE-ORDER - it's a purely
voluntary option, and you're more than welcome to wait until the front panel
kits go on regular sale, or even to pass on buying one all together.