View Full Version : Apple II memory Expansion Help

January 14th, 2009, 03:14 AM
Hello all,

On my travels in Brazil, I have come across 2 Apple II cards that appear to be memory expansions. They are not the 16KB variety though, but are more in line with a IIgs RAM expanion board (Except they fit in a standard apple II slot, and are older, around 1982).

There are 2 cards. One has no marks, and the other appears to be a Brazilian Clone (By "LogoData") of the first card. They both have some logic IC's, as well as Motorola MC3242AP's, but also have 2 banks of 8 RAM chips (4164's). The 4164's tell me this card has 128KB of RAM on it, in 2 banks.

Does anyone have any information on these? The only other Memory Expanions for Apple II's I've seen are 256KB ones.


I've found some similar cards online. No manuals or information though. These cards are indeed 128KB memory expanions for the Apple II+