View Full Version : Compaq Prolinea 4/25s

January 15th, 2009, 12:43 AM
I have 'upgraded' my Compaq Prolinea 4/25s, replacing the standard 3" IDE drive with an IDE to Compact Flash adapter, and a 128MB CF card kindly donated by fellow vintage enthusiast, Andy (http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/member.php?u=5902).

My my, that thing is damn quiet without a mechanical hard drive!

I did have to make some minor alterations to the riser card stability bracket, as the IDE to CF converter I bought goes directly in the IDE socket on the motherboard, and stick out quite a bit. A quick blast on the angle grinder made just the right adjustment (and a whole lot of noise).

Not a particularly stunning feat by any means, but I'm proud of the result.

It's currently running Windows 95, and joined to my main network, wirelessly via a 3Com Etherlink III ISA card, and a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 acting as a wireless bridge.