View Full Version : 64'er system ROMs

February 13th, 2009, 03:52 PM
I've just revived* a C64 I picked up earlier this week and it has the 64'er system V1 ROM installed. I'll soon be picking up a 1541 and was wondering if this would still work without the matching fast loader ROM in the drive. And does anyone know off-hand where I could get an image of this ROM?

(* in case anyone's curious, it was a black screen job. It only needed the ROM reseating to get it running. I think it was stored with the keyboard disconnected, as there was a good layer of oxide on the header which meant only about 10% of the keys worked. Cleaned that off and we were back in business. A broken conductor in the power LED's plug needed replacing too. Just need to find some screws to finish the job off - right now the motherboard's rattling around and the top of the case lifts off!)