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February 15th, 2009, 05:55 PM
http://www.8bitunderground.com is online!
Software: modded invision board
Hours: 24/7
Speed: 10/mbps :)
Storage: unlimited
Affils: Old School Underground Fone Federation (OSUFF) HQ!

The 8-bit Underground is a community that has been put together to hopefully reassemble a number of users from across the world who were involved in using the various 8/16-bit platforms for underground activities such as hacking/phreaking/warez back in the golden age of BBS's in the 80's and 90's. All 8 and 16 bit platforms are supported and have their own sub areas within the forums to keep conversation segregated.

This site will have a goal of catalogging and archiving the various software applications that were used (code scanners, wardialers, telenet scanners, host programs developed exclusively for trading "warez", disk communicators, etc) much in the same way that Jason Scott devoted a site to catalogging and archiving all BBS software.

The site is absolutely brand new, and as such it will take some time to develop a userbase and also discussion. I will be implementing a downloads system that will be used for showcasing the software that myself and the users are able to contribute and this should be available within the next week if not sooner. While we will be discussing software that was used for less savory activities, this board is NOT about illegal information in any way. It is more a museum for the tools of the trade of yesteryear.

My hope is that this site will flourish and maybe even bring people together that haven't "seen" each other in years. If nothing else, it will provide a central repository for a type of software that has never been made available in such a grand fashion before.

We look forward to seeing you there - 300 baud NOT required!