View Full Version : The DOOM of P2P...... Maybe

joe sixpack
February 14th, 2005, 05:17 PM
I came aross this while checking out the news today.


It talks about ID'ing audio/video files as they pass along networks.

Here's my thoughts:

1. The only way it would work is if all ISP's where forced to install this, ISP's
are not cops and it would require a lot more resources to use this on wide scale.
The more ISP's get involved the more they have to lose.

2. Simply scrambling the file or encrypting it would bypass this as the filtering
software would have such little data to go on, Breaking the encyrption would
require special premission or a changing of the law, Right now it is illegal to break
encryption of anykind no matter how weak it is unless you own the data.
... Remember how the RIAA wanted premission to hack into P2P users computers
To delete music files or even format there harddrive?

3. The database for fingerprinting media files would be so large and take so
much power to filter without dely, Only the largest ISP's could make use of it without outside funding

4. After beefing up all the routers/servers and having this filtering software installed.
is'nt it a short hop and a skip to block other files? Think of it, If it's mandatory
or if 99.9% of all routers have this filtering software installed who has control?
who says what gets filtered? It's not a stretch to see how that new paris hilton video
could be filtered or maybe that embearassing internal memo that got leaked out from {insert corupt corporation here}

Just my thoughts on the subject. What's yours?