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March 3rd, 2009, 12:44 PM
Geez when will this shit stop it's time for summer now, Anyone eals getting this wonderfully white stuff?


March 3rd, 2009, 03:37 PM
. . . it's time for summer now, Anyone eals getting this wonderfully white stuff? . . .

We had some here this morning in NE Ohio, but it went away and the sun came out :)

Froze, you need to change your lattitude - 'bout 13 degrees south ought to do it. Oh, and you need to drop some elevation - about a mile's worth should work. That should put you somewhere near Phoenix. Let me see . . .
It's 77 right now in Phoenix and 'spose to be 82 tomorrow - Would that do it for you?
Well, hang in there :cool:

March 3rd, 2009, 04:33 PM
It was 75 here Friday. Sunday morning we had 2 inches of snow on the ground. By 3pm that same day, it had all melted and the sun was shining. This is ridiculous.

March 4th, 2009, 02:20 AM
We had the snow in the UK around a month ago now, but I've heard more is on its way!

Global warming, yeah right :D

March 4th, 2009, 04:44 AM
Global warming, yeah right :D

I HOPE you're kidding :rolleyes:. Despite popular contrary belief, global warming doesn't mean that the earth is JUST warming up. You are seeing more extreme weather at places and times it doesnt belong, an all together climate change. Snow in New Orleans. Polar icecaps melting, dissapearing glaciers. Average temperatures in Alaska, western Canada, and eastern Russia have risen at twice the global average, according to the multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report compiled between 2000 and 2004.

Continueing on with the real subject, though, we've had good temperatures here. 70s here lately, supposed to be in the 80s later this week. Loving it. Just last week in WV, they had a couple feet of snow. LOL.


March 4th, 2009, 07:47 AM
I knew someone would jump on that global warming statement. I was right. Yes yes, we know. Larger extremes, not just warming. Here in southern Nevada, we have had the extremes, big time. In late December, got down to 17 degree F here at my mobile home. In the 25 years I have lived here, never got that cold before. 22 degree F was the prior record I can remember and that was a night of no wind and was just before dawn. Vegas had record snow fall in mid December too. We got the snow here in Amargosa Valley earlier, at 10 am. It was need watching the large flakes go by horizontally in the 40 mph winds. Late in the day, the warmer air finally won, and it was just very cold rain for the rest of the night. Before the new extremes, it would be 3 or 4 years between getting 10 flakes of snow. Yes, here you count the flakes, not the inches.

March 4th, 2009, 09:18 AM
I knew someone would jump on that global warming statement................. Larger extremes, not just warming.

I am throwing this just as a common sense statement/question. A pendulum is
swinging from side to side, each time about 10 degrees from vertical. Now if
you want to make it swing let's say 20 degrees each side, you have to give it a
push for it to go to "larger extremes". The harder you give it a push, the wider
the angle of swinging and the larger the extremes. Is it reasonable to say that
we have global "energy increase" that manifests itselt as what we see today?