View Full Version : Anyone have an ALS "The CP/M Card" that could help me out?

March 4th, 2009, 01:55 PM
Hopefully someone still has one of these cards and can help me out! I've got an old Digital Research Apple II CP/M card, just like the one at:


Unfortunately, it's missing two chips! I've found a few pictures that people have taken, but the markings are too fuzzy to make out. If someone has one (mine's a `Rev. B'), could you perhaps take a look at your board and let me know which chips happen to be in two different spots?

The first is labeled 14 pin DIP socket with a 9 above it; it's the chip just to the right of the 12MHz crystal along the top edge of the board, and is the third chip over from the right.

The second is a 14 pin DIP socket in the middle of the far right side of the board, with a C labeled to the right of it.