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March 13th, 2005, 01:24 PM
Joe, Terry, Mbb..,Barry etc. Help me on this one asap pls guys:)
I wanna seriously play with Warp4. I gotta start with 2.1 cos my 4 is the Upgrade version.
Planned Disk is 14Gig, but I kinda figure 2.1 aint gonna handle that w/o partitioning. Problem is I would like to finish up with just 1 14G Partition.
Thoughts pls? Cheers Rolf.

Terry Yager
March 13th, 2005, 01:58 PM
You may be in luck. My only experience to date with OS/2 was when I used v. 2.1 a few years back. I am however, preparing to install Warp 3 (from floppies) to a laptop within the next day or so. When I used v.2.1, the copy I had was an upgrade too, so I had to install 2.0 first. I only used it on dedicated machines, so partitioning wasn't a problem, I only had the one partition. I never tried it on so large a drive before, so I'm not sure if there's a size limit or not (it's been awhile). I will keep you posted as to the upcomming 3.0 install if any problems develop. (I'm going to try and squeeze it into a 340Mb drive...wish me luck).


March 13th, 2005, 02:24 PM

OS/2 2.1 probably isn't going to like a single 14GB hard disk. Back when I ran 2.11 (1994) a 400MB disk was good, and 1GB was obscene. OS/2 doesn't use the BIOS for disk access, but I doubt it can use more than an 8GB partition. (Or understand a partition table with large partitions in it.)

Even OS/2 Warp (3.x) needs modified boot disks for large IDE drive support. It wasn't native in the original version.

Do yourself a favor - if you want Warp 4, find a copy on eBay. At worse, start with Warp (with the patched diskettes) and then upgrade that. The upgrade route always sucks though because of the extra stuff that gets left behind. I always prefer a clean install.

I used OS/2 2.11 and Warp 3.0 from 1994 until about 1999. It was still bootable and on my machine until late last year, when I finally migrated to a new machine and repurposed the old machine as a Linux firewall/server box. By the time I stopped with Warp 3.0, I was up to fixpak 36 or 42. Now, it's just a saved image on a set of CDs and a bunch of happy memories.

For practical reasons Win95 took over. Then Win98. Now finally Win2K. Hardware and software support was much easier to come buy, even though I was willing to spend money on OS/2 products. Luckily most of the hardware I bought for use with OS/2 was quality stuff, and worked well when I started adopting Linux in 2000.

March 13th, 2005, 05:50 PM
Planned Disk is 14Gig, but I kinda figure 2.1 aint gonna handle that w/o partitioning.

I haven't used OS/2 for a while, but;

Are you sure you need to <install> the earlier version? Often it needs to only verify that you do have an earleir version by checking for media in the drive.