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March 16th, 2005, 04:45 AM
Guys, it's a Quantum 6.4Gig. Recently retired from a mate's computer.
Was running as FAT32. Data Disk.
I FDisked (using 98SE Boot Disk) and deleted the Partition.
Finally created a fresh Primary after countless Drive Verifications.
No matter what I attempt to Format with I get the Killer Message!

1) Any thoughts please!
2) Mad Boot gives me an option to Low Level Format. If I do a LLF what do I need to know about the procedure. I aint never LLF'd an IDE Disk!

Terry Yager
March 16th, 2005, 08:51 AM

First thing you should try is FDISK /MBR. (Type this at a DOS prompt). This undocumented command restores the MasterBootRecord from a backup copy made at install-time.

Next, run a good virus check. I've seen virii that report bad sector zero, even tho there is nothing wrong with the drive. (Anti-CMOS A, for one).

Finally, if you must llf, keep in mind that IDE "low-level format" programs don't really format the platters. They usually just "zero-out" the drive, by writing zeros to every address:




Therefore, you should have no problem with llf-ing it, but it also might not work for what you want to do.

If all else fails, get a copy of Steve Gibson's Spinrite. That will cure almost any hard drive problem. It's well worth the cost.


For lots more hard drive info, see: