View Full Version : TSA lied about privacy

joe sixpack
March 27th, 2005, 07:30 PM
intresting article about TSA lying about fliers personal information.

the article does not say what "system" they are pluging this information into
but i can only assume they are talking about the T.I.A program (Total Information Awareness)
That is suppost to take data from a shit load of sources and profile possible terrorists.
The program has been scaled back, frozen, restarted, almost finished then last i heard scraped again.
I've not heard much late but im sure they're still working on it.

"The core of our mission is preserving our freedoms, and that means doing the utmost to protect every American's privacy," Hatfield said.
i remember hearing about six months ago of some people dressed as
workmen haul off a WHOLE! server from a airport... wonder what was on it

However, the report concluded, in only one case was a passenger's data inappropriately revealed to the public.

"The American public must know their personal information is well protected, or they will distrust the new systems we need to keep our nation safe,"
LoL oh i trust them with blind faith :roll: