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June 5th, 2009, 10:42 PM
After much experimentation we have Pacman working on a N8VEM board. We almost have Space Invaders working as well - the 'fire' button works but not the 'Left' or 'Right' buttons. It is a little fast at 4Mhz but by cheating and dropping in a 1.8Mhz clock it is possible to clear a level. Finally, I get to beat a level on Pacman!!

The programs are using Televideo 950 cursor movement codes. These are not the same as VT100 codes - eg Televideo ones are ESC= but VT100 are ESC[. I'm using Absolute Telnet and have it set up for a Wyse60 terminal.

Below is a screenshot from a terminal program. Next - maybe we can patch the PockeTerm so it runs as a standalone computer.

Addit - Have just got TETRIS working as well.

June 6th, 2009, 10:15 PM
James, I've been following your various threads on the N8VEM forum and wiki, and I am truly amazed; considering all the other stuff you're playing with like the mini and the uDrive, not to mention all the irons you've got in the fire in the "real" world, where the @#$% do you find the time for all this???? I wouldn't even have the time for the writing-up that you do so well, never mind the stuff itself that you're writing about, and I'm semi-retired...

Anyway, great stuff! And thanks for sharing it!


June 7th, 2009, 03:33 AM
Time? I just seem to find it here and there. Am working most of this weekend, but I did manage to slip out for an afternoon and visit the zoo and go on a camel ride with the kids! I chose to give up TV. I see patients who sit in a nursing home and watch TV all day and they get no exercise and then break their hips. But I have a patient who is 90 and goes skiing every year (he grew up skiing in Austria) and I saw him on the slopes last year and he is a darn sight better skiier than me. He is going skiing this year too. People like that are an inspiration. Stay busy!

I got Tetris working as well - see attached.

I think there might be some differences between the Televideo 950 and Wyse60 codes. The ESC= is the same for cursor control, but I think the ESC; might be different for clearing the screen. It might explain why Aliens does not clear the screen.

Vince says he might see if he can get these codes working on the PockeTerm. Given we have ZORK and Chess working, the addition of the above games starts to turn this into a fun standalone CP/M system.