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July 3rd, 2009, 09:38 AM

I am working on getting my Apple IIe back up and running and had a few questions since it has been oh 20 years now.

First of all, mine is the platnum Apple IIe and so it is almost white :-)

I also have an Imagewriter II printer I want to hook up and a modem... I have currently one super serial card in the system. Can I hook a second one up so I can also run a modem? Or is there a better choice for the printer. I assume I would put the second SS card in slot 1 to run the Imagewriter II?

Also I need to find a 3.5 disk controller card. My drives are the IIGS 3.5 drives and I presume 800K. They are the standard ones with the eject button to the side of the slot and the "apple tool" (this would be a paper clip bent straight for the uninitiated) hole in the middle of the button.

I do not wish to put a lot of money into getting this system back up, but if someone has the 3.5 controller card or super drive controller card and would be willing to sell it or trade please PM me.

I also finally found a working Focus IDE card and I am going to plan on putting that in this system too. With a CF card adapter and CF card instead of the IDE hard disk.

Any help setting all this up would be appreciated.

Also I am looking for a few books if someone has them... I would like the original user's guide for the IIe and some books on Apple Basic. Again PM me if you can help.

Hope someone can at least advise on getting the system working again and hopefull someone has the controller card I need as well. Again money is very limited for this system, so trades are preferred.

What I have right now is: 1 GB (2 512MB) PC3-5300 DIMMs, 1 1 GB PC3-8500 so dimm (for Apple 2009 mini or Apple Laptop) and a bunch of extraneous drives (a few SCSI 1 GB and 1 SCSI 2 GB, 60GB IDE, 40GB IDE, SATA DVD-RW, IDE DVD/CDRW combo drive) if any of this is of interest, let me know.

I hope to have this system all up and runnng before the next user group meeting of my Apple II User's Group -- yes it is still active in Kansas City.

If anyone lives in the Lawrence, Kansas area and wants to help, we could get together locally.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

One Man Band
July 3rd, 2009, 10:58 AM

Take a look at the label on the bottom of your 3.5" drive. If it says "3.5 Drive", then they are indeed 800KB drives. If they're SuperDrives, they are HD (1.44MB) drives. Both look identical.

If you have 800k drives, then you need either a UDC (Universal Disk Controller) or Apple's 3.5 Controller. Both are pretty rare (Apple's is more rare) so expect to pay a lot for it (or have something pretty substantial to trade).


July 3rd, 2009, 12:02 PM
Thanks One Man Band for the reply.

They are definitely 800K drives. I am sure I don't have any of the "superdrives".

I have been looking around for the controllers and I am confident that I will eventually come upon the one I need... there is a recycler in Kansas City that just tosses the Apple II's onto a pallet and we have found some good cards in those. The whole Apple II unit goes for $5. So I will just keep looking, one is bound to turn up.

The last 3.5 controller I saw on ebay is buy it now for $189 and then they want $6 to ship it on top of it... that much money is just not worth it to me. But if I can't find the 3.5 controller, then my Apple II may be destined for that very recycle center.

I am not wanting to mess with 5.25's any more :-) But I have like 200 blank 720K (800K in the case of the Apple) diskettes as well.

Anyhow, I will keep looking around.

Still other questions about my machine that have not been addressed yet too :-)

July 3rd, 2009, 07:33 PM
Well Irishmike, it just so happens I have a 3.5" apple drive controller card. Wasn't plannning on parting with it but..... I won't give it away but I will trade. Mostly interested in CP/M stuff but I do have some apple IIE things that I'm getting rid of. I want to just have a IIplus, IIE, and IIgs. Have more than a couple IIEs and IIgs. So ket me know or make me an offer.