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July 11th, 2009, 02:06 AM
^o^ This might be in the wrong place, but here goes.

I am a classic retro'ist, and on newer programming platforms, I usually recreate most if not all of the graphics functionality of older platforms I have coded on as an exercise to break in the language for later work.

I have perfected both Apple ][e emulation (down to both GR & HGR & HiresDouble2), CGA NTSC (Composite video), and was wondering if anyone would like me to do up some Commodore emulation?

Meaning, does anyone have any projects for the Commodore that require Commodore specific graphics?

Part of the bliss of coding reduex of older systems is it's easy to port 24bit color graphics backwards into classic console/retro computer systems (using an image editor [also coded by me]) to be used in the original system again.

One of my pet projects is to totally revamp my old attempt at an Aliens Arcade port for Commodore again, with graphics tailored for the Commodore and particularly, it's quirks.

If anyone is interested, much of my work either ends up as these.

GNU Open Source

Any and or all designations apply to my work, as I am building up a large clot of work and projects as a legacy to my kids should they decide to follow me.

I'd love to hear ideas. Secrecy and closed lips are paramount if something you are working on is proprietary, so I do have the ability to either encode heavily or heavily password protect, or a big glob of both, to hide or obscure work posted online during a back-and-forth Q & A session while brainstorming.

I will re-post elsewhere if this msg is not appropriate for this thread channel.


July 11th, 2009, 02:53 AM
If you're just looking for cool effects that are commodore VIC centric I would check out the demo scene. Some amazing things are still being done on the trusty old c64. :)