View Full Version : CPT 9inch

July 15th, 2009, 03:24 PM
A rarity it is, a medium size 'server' tower with a top 9" drive

The tower is non funct - but i assume the scsi driven 9" floppy
system could be working - the tower supported this
via a plugged cable at the rear.

Well, i wasnt very smart to disamble the tower - but i still have all the parts
maybe one day - it lives again.

Is this old-scsi - or special scsi for floppydrives - i dont know, do you?

- the connecting cable is very alike scsi - but it could be something
quite different.

no pics yet - working on a solution

Jay Craswell
July 26th, 2009, 02:15 PM
Send a picture I know (I think) all the CPT stuff and what you have might be one of the things I designed. There is this stand alone box called a DU8 thats just an 8 inch floppy with a cable that goes to a CPT 9000 or 9100 with an AT type IBM Bus.