View Full Version : Amiga 2000 problem

July 22nd, 2009, 02:23 PM
I'm trying to get an Amiga 2000 up and running for a trade I'm working on. It's been sitting for awhile but for some strange reason will not do anything with the keyboard plugged in. It's an almost brand new keyboard - and yes, it's an Amiga 2000 keyboard. It boots fine off the HD but only if the keyboard isn't plugged in. If I try to insert the keyboard after it's running it reboots and only after I remove the keyboard. If I try to start it up with the keyboard inserted nothing happens. I checked the keyboard connection and it's clean.

July 22nd, 2009, 08:03 PM
Check the inside battery, it is located around where the keyboard plug is (under the floppy drive shelf). The old batteries tend to leak and destroy the motherboard and since the keyboard connector is in the same area that could be why the keyboard doesn't function.