View Full Version : EEE PC for trade

July 22nd, 2009, 02:24 PM
Hi folks,

I've got an EEE PC 701 with an external CD/DVD drive. THis computer was bought about one year ago and still has warranty until the end of next month.

This has Windows XP, the 4GB SSD, 512 MB RAM, it also has the cd/dvd drive included.

The battery holds about an hours (little more) charge right now, and thats only cause I don't use it off the battery much, but it's still good.

Comes with the box an manuals, and even the mouse and case it came with.

I feel with the money I've spent on it I want no less the 200$ for it, but I really want a trade for a laptop with a bigger screen, if you have one to trade just tell me and I'll consider.

My main laptop I use for doing web design and stuff died and this one is not sutable. I'd list it on ebay but They won't pay me till it arrives to the seller and I need a something soon.

PM me for pics.