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July 24th, 2009, 09:40 PM
Does anybody have terminal software for the Osborne 1 and/or the Osborne Executive that can successfully do any kind of basic terminal emulation like vt100 or vt52, etc? For my osborne 1 I have the specific "Osborne 1" version of kermit, but vt52 only halfway works! (clear screen doesn't work, which makes it useless. weird....). Is it just me??

And kermit for the Executive is even worse: There is no custom overlay that I can find. I am using the generic cp/m 3.0 version where the vt52 commands print streams of garbage, like contents of the disk's directory! How's that for a weird bug?

My other terminal programs (imp and oterm) don't even attempt emulation..... So they are no good either.

I've read about a couple of others called MEXPLUS (which I can't find available anywhere. I can find plain mex, which doesn't have terminal emulation either!) and QTERM which as far as I can tell has no osborne overlays...


Also puzzling--I've read in several places that an Osborne Executive has vt100 (and other emulations) as some kind of built in feature. Is that just the internet lying to me? It's nowhere in any of the manuals that I can find. Is that a feature that never came about?

Also--this might be easier. Does anybody have a copy of the game desolation? Apparently it came with the Osborne Vixen. I think it will run on the executive?? I'd like to try it!

July 25th, 2009, 10:57 AM
I've got Mycroft Labs Inc - "Myterm" for the Osborne Executive.

From the letter that came with the disk:
"...and offers:
Auto-dial/auto-answer support
Time-sharing terminal emulation
Bidirectional file transfers between the Osborne 1 and time-sharing computers
Error-free transfers between two Osborne Personal Business Computers"

Is that what you need?

I've got a Vixen prototype with a copy of a boot disk, but I've never even started that one up. One day I'll have to do that, and see if (1) the Vixen works, and (2) what's on the disk.

July 25th, 2009, 11:26 AM
That program might work. I can't find any more details about it on the web. Are you able to send it as an attachment??