View Full Version : An Imsai story from several years ago

August 8th, 2009, 10:13 PM
Some years ago I bought several pallets of grammer school record players made by Newcomb and Audiotronics. I got quite proficient at tearing them down, replacing work or missing parts (I had literally hundreds of them so parts were plentiful) cleaning, and then reselling them. One day I was told by a scrap processor that he had a contract to clean out an old school warehouse building before they tore it down. I went along with him only to find that it had been out of service for a very long time and that the endless number of homeless people, kids, and vandals who had broken in through the years had rendered the the record players mostly garbage. In hindsight I remember looking up onto a raised platform and seeing what at the time seemed like hundreds, but was probably in reality 10 or 12 Imsai 8080's stacked neatly on the mezanine. At the time I knew nothing of them and as such did not rescue them. Their demise came either in the electronics bin at the local scrap yard or they were in the building still when it came down (most likely as electronics recycling had never been a viable business here in town)

I just found this forum today and have been reading through the posts. Seeing a post about an Imsai brought back that little memory.