View Full Version : Need help with Epson Equity II+ (12Mhz)

April 23rd, 2005, 06:19 PM
I was in the process of preparing a nicely outfitted Epson Equity II+ for eBay when a program crashed and I had to reset. Unfortunately, the computer was writting to the HD at that moment. You know that stuff they say about never shutting your computer off when the HD LED is on because you might ruin data? It's true. :-( The computer won't even boot up fully. If I stick a DOS boot disk (doesn't matter what version, and I've tried many disks) in the A: drive it'll get to "Starting up MS-DOS" and stop. The drive stops, the loading stops, MS-DOS stops. :evil: If I disconnect the drive, it will fully boot from any DOS boot disk, but then you can't access the C:\ drive.

The HD is a 30MB model. I can't tell you what the interface is. One connector is the older style floppy connecter and the other is 20 wire cable. Does anyone have a program that will let me boot up to a floppy? I'm hoping it's just a corrupted MBR or some such and I won't have to format it. Oh well-- I can always put DOS on it again. I'd just like to get it working. It connects via an 8-bit ISA card. The HD was made by PTI.