View Full Version : memory expansion for 486 SLC notebook

September 19th, 2009, 06:55 PM
I've a 486 SLC notebook motherboard (DLT-3311) with 4MB soldered to it.. these are 8 memory chips with 20 pins of type "9306 USA MT4C4001JDJ -7"

this motherboard also has a 90 degrees 42 pin header that (I hope/supsect) is some kind of memory expansion.

I also have some spare 4MB 72-pin simms whose chips are practically the same type and number to that on the motherboard.

so my question is.. is there some way to use the chips in the simm to expand the systems memory? perhaps buying a 42 pin header and soldering wires to some contacts on the simm?

thanks in advance =)