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June 28th, 2003, 03:52 AM
In one workshop I used to run ten years ago, we had a tape of "Computer songs"... I can't remember much about the S100 bus song, apart from a snatch of one chorus that sticks in my head:

...it's sure to dim the lamps, with plus and minus fifteen volts at fourteen hundred amps..." :lol:

Does anybody know the rest of the song, or where I could find another copy?

August 8th, 2004, 03:58 PM
Frank Hayes wrote this as a filk song years ago. It's been on several tapes, but the one you're probably thinking about is either Dr. Demento's computer tape or a similar tape called 'The Best Computer Songs'.

S-100 Buss
(Frank Hayes)

When I was young, my friends all worked like fools to get their share
Of an S-100 system, like an Imsai or Altair;
Well the S-100's still around, I'm very glad to say
But friends, I'm here to tell you that it's not the same today.

cho: And it's cheer up, my lads, let your hearts never fuss
When you're integrating systems for the S-100 buss.*

To tell the truth, the source of all our troubles seems to be
A committee on computers of the I of triple E;
They settled on a standard spec, 696 by name
Now everything is standardized, but nothing works the same.

They say the 80 boards are way too slow it's enough to give you fits
If the 09 isn't fast enough, then go to 16 bits.
68 and z8000 and an 86 as well,
And code compatability goes straight to bloody hell

Then add a board for the modem line and one for every port
and a printer board and a keyboard board, and as a last resort
For every problem we will add a board that has the cure,
It's not too damned efficient, but it's a mother, that's for sure.

And when it's all assembled there's computer to your collar,
It's nice to have a micro but a mainframe would be smaller.
And when they turn the power on, it's sure to dim the lamps
With plus or minus sixteen volts and fourteen hundred amps.