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October 14th, 2009, 02:41 AM
I just got mail from Jens Schoenfeld of Individual Computers (http://www.icomp.de/). I had asked him about the progress on the Chameleon (If you don't know what it is: read this (http://allt.jonatanforsberg.net/krams/c64/50chameleon.html)).

This was Jens answer:

The new prototype has just been finished half a day ago, but the
bring-up will probably still take another six weeks. I doubt that
we'll make it before xmas, as I have another huge project (outside the
retro-world) in the works.

Specs of Chameleon have improved in the meantime: IR reciever for CDTV
remote control, PS2 mouse, PS2 keyboard, stand-alone mode without a
C64, stereo-audio output, realtime clock and a debug-interface that
I'll announce sometime in november, when the new prototype has been
fully tested.
The project got HUGE, and I have even hired an additional programmer
to take care of internal details. Use-cases of the hardware have also
improved a lot, it's something like the "ultimate FPGA platform" where
we can even run other computers on (that's why I have added more
connectors, using a taylor-made cable harness).

We may start beta-testing with selected customers before xmas, but
that requires "no surprises during prototype testing". I got a lot of
feedback from German C64 users that the price of 219,- EUR is a bit
high, so the improvements were always implemented with the target to
also reduce cost. One prime target has been reached already: We will
stay below the psycological 199,- EUR barrier (price including German
sales tax of 19%).

He also included some photos of the prototype:


A very neat gadget all in all, I will definitely get one. It will be awesome to bring my beloved C128 back to life.