View Full Version : Acorn A5000 Keyboard Interface

October 15th, 2009, 03:53 PM
First off...Not a clue whether this is in the right section...I contemplated about three different places for it before deciding on this section...Mods please feel free to move if you feel this fits more in the off topic section...

Realise that there's quite a lean towards US machines here, but thought it was worth a shot. Plus I was sure I'd registered here a good long while ago...apparently not though!

I rather like the keyboards used by Acorn on many of the Achimedes range of machines - like the A5000 one pictured below.


While it has a standard PS/2 connector in physical terms, it's not directly compatible.

I've never seen adaptors for these such as the ADB-USB adaptors which exist for older Mac keyboards/mice (I type to you from an Apple Extended II via such an adaptor right now), and given the limited market penetration for these machines beyond education establishments and outwith the UK in general, I doubt that they exist.

Can anyone shed any light on the interface here so I can at least have a ponder about whether there's any way to make one of these 'boards talk to something else?

I've no real interest in making use of the mouse interface - though I imagine its presence may well complicate matters further.