View Full Version : Another useless program i wrote...

October 29th, 2009, 08:46 AM
this one is called Floppy Killer. i actually wrote this program back in 2007 but just now decided to rewrite the whole program. What it does is (currently) remove all the files in the root of A:. If Mike C. will become un-lazy, then it should be able to destroy the first sector of the disk. But until then, killing all files in A;'s rot will have to do... Also the timebomb I put in there is just to see if i could do it. Just make sure the date is sometime in 2009 or else it won't work.

http://linuxlove.rubbermallet.org/Fk5b2f.exe FLOPPY KILLER 5.0 - v5.0b2