View Full Version : 1200XL pizza box conversion from atarimuseum

December 5th, 2009, 10:35 AM
Wanted to pass this along, it's a neat idea from Curt of Atari Museum, he's looking to fill orders.


If the link doesn't work, search for Atari pizza box and it will come up.
I need to gauge a SERIOUS interest check on this. This would be a replacement top for a 1200XL to make it into a pizza-box design, with the ability to use an IBM PC keyboard.

Would include:

Replacement top plastic
Keyboard interface
Special "XL" color matched PC keyboard (I've spoken with a firm that will do an existing mold in Brown/Creme ala "XL" to match the system.)

I don't want to feature creep this and make it more expensive then it needs to be, so this would be the basic upgrade kit, but I need to know how many people will seriously buy it so I can see if the tooling costs will be covered for the new top plastic.