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June 29th, 2005, 07:45 PM
Not sure if I told anyone here about my site - if so - it might of been for my Turbo Pascal programs.

I've used the same site to setup a series of links to bush images at Imageshack(Tm), from various spots around Victoria (I guess you could call it a promotional thing - for the bush, as you follow links from areas, to dates - which take you to a series of photos). Unfortunately some areas need some work done & others seem to have been done - time seems to be the problem there, so some areas I've got plants & their names. I was suprised to see that some areas I've put the images on that site!

The site can be found though here (in the images section):

Hopefully, eventually I'll be able to complete this - I'll be going back to some of those places when their in flower (& perhaps improve some of those images)!

CP/M User.