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July 5th, 2005, 01:40 PM
I have cable TV, although a limited selection of analogue channels. In the early 1990's, we had like 14 channels, but recently it has been cut down to 9 plus one local (joke-al) and the cable company's own info channel. One can subscribe to a digital receiver and select from more channels.

Today when I browsed the channels, I see that one channel has been moved to another frequency, and instead is a text screen saying that the cable company has added two new - state owned - channels of which one currently resides in the info channel frequency but will move to this frequency later this year and the other can be found elsewhere.

So, I start scanning for channels. I find the new frequency for the moved channel, I find the two new channels (of which one on a temporary location) and I find a third new channel that supposedly was added earlier this year but which I could never find back then.

Wow. From 11 to 14 channels in one day, that is an increase by more than 25%. Unfortunately, only one of those probably shows anything good. On my large TV, I can obtain all channels but on my old 14" Sharp, the moved channel is on a too high frequency for the tuner. It is however interesting that while the number of analogue channels have been cut one by one due to limited frequency span and that they need room for digital TV, suddenly there is room for two or three new channels as long as they are carried without license costs. So much for blaming technology.

July 5th, 2005, 01:47 PM
By the way, I have an universal replacement remote on the large TV, and it does not carry all the functions of the original one. The buttons on the front of the TV are quite difficult to understand, so tuning in channels is almost as difficult as programming assembly code (ok, a slight exaggeration).

These universal remotes have "magic" codes to reprogram the keys for each kind of TV. The codes can be found on Internet, and it is also possible to tweak each key to your own liking, but the detail codes for each function are not found without asking for personal support. Even when doing that, the ultra secret code how to reset the remote to factory default so a new "magic" code can be installed without being disturbed by old settings, is one more support e-mail away and you are greeted with suspicion why on Earth you need to know how to reset the control. Even after obtaining all the codes I need, there is no way to scroll past channel 9 (1 -> 9 -> AV -> 1). Maybe it is due to the original remote didn't have a scroll function at all?