View Full Version : Tried it...Liked it!

Rick Ethridge
July 6th, 2005, 02:09 PM
I decided I'd try installing a 3.5 inch HD floppy drive in place of a double-sided 5.25 inch drive. With the proper adapters, the TRS-80 Model 4 accepted the externally mounted drive without hesitation. A number of used 720K disks were found to be bad. I tried formatting an HD disk which also was bad. HD disks won't format to 1.4 meg due to LS-DOS limitations but will format to 710K if the media is good. The drive is much quieter and uses much less power resulting in less heat. I may decide to replace the ailing upper drive on my 4 with a 3.5 inch drive using a suitable adapter plate.

Question? Would a properly adapted 3.5 inch drive work on a Model I?