View Full Version : Looking for OTRONA ATTACHE boot disks

January 21st, 2010, 06:48 PM
I have an Otrona Attache computer that works, but I have no disks. Is there anyone you know that has an Otrona Attache computer with disks, and who would be willing to copy them for me or show me how I can create my own. I believe my machine is an Otrona Attache PC and not the Otrona Attache 8:16 PC. When I turn it on it says "Otrona Attache (H)", and then goes in terminal mode since no disks are found. Many thanks in advance. I can be reached at 8 0 1 8 1 5 9 2 6 5 or at john ( at sign ) johnwhitney dot com.

March 8th, 2010, 06:56 AM
I just discoverd one of my old otrona's in my sister in law's attic; from 1984 I think. Booted up but other diskets not in good shape

google and find a guy that has the diskettes posted http://wps.com/archives/Otrona-Attache-8-16-diskettes/

he's got most of the diskettes you will need.
I don't have any operating instructions, sorry. It was my first "office" computer back in the early 80s; noisy dual diskettes but I took minutes and used it for correspondence.