View Full Version : NeXT Cube II (NeXTcube) computer for sale on eBay

January 24th, 2010, 07:48 AM
NeXTcube computer on eBay

http://cgi.ebay.com/NeXT-Cube-Computer-with-Monitor-Keyboard-and-Mouse_W0QQitemZ330398303882QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_D efaultDomain_0?hash=item4ced46068a#ht_500wt_924

NeXTcube 68040, Model No. N1000A
16MB memory, 406MB disk, System version 3.0.
17" greyscale NeXT monitor, working fine but a bit dim, rubber tips missing from front of monitor stand
non-ADB keyboard, working well, missing NeXT logo
non-ADB 2-button mouse, working well
2-foot monitor cable
Edison AC power cable

Please be so kind as to pass the above link on to any potentially interested parties. Thanks.

January 24th, 2010, 08:04 AM
1st Rule of ebay auctions...never start an auction at .99 cents unless your item is worth .99 cents. You might only get one bid and have to let your item go for almost nothing. I have seen it happen many times before. Yea, you save on listing fees, but sometimes you only get one bid so price it accordingly, unless it's a hot item. Nice system too. Hope you get a lot of bidders.

January 25th, 2010, 04:43 PM
sounds like it has the original full-height drive in it. Looks in great shape for a late model 040 cube.