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January 26th, 2010, 11:48 AM

I recently found 2 apple IIe's each missing different parts. I would like to know how much each individual part for the Apple IIe is worth. Could someone please give me a list of how much each part, in perfect working order, is worth? Something like this:

Case - $$$
Mother/Logicboard - $$$
Power Supply - $$$
etc. etc. etc.

Thank you and have a good day!

January 26th, 2010, 01:38 PM
Honestly your best bet is to head over to eBay, and use the Advanced Search feature to search completed listings. Prices can vary from day to day.

I think it would be better to sell it together, or one in working shape and one as parts (but not seperately).

January 26th, 2010, 05:30 PM
I have to confirm with Mikerm, vintage components (either parts or whole systems) are commodities, and the prices of such vary from day to day and from buyer to buyer.

January 26th, 2010, 06:07 PM
Open a free ebay account and you can look back 30 to 60 days to see past sales, further if you want to pay. Apple cards seem to be running from around $30.00 to $80.00 depending on rarity and condition. A complete computer minus the monitor can run from $40.00 to around $450.00 if mint with original boxes. Apple isn't as collectible as regular vintage PC's though and tested and working items sell for the most money unless the auction starts at .99 cents and there is only one bidder. Parting out a system is sometimes not worth all the effort to sell it. After tracking your time you might make half of minimum wage. There is no guarantee anything you have will sell either. Sometimes it's a crap shoot or waiting game. That's why I sell as buy it now best offer. Cheapest listing prices and you can leave it listed forever or until it sells. Although ebay is changing their fees in March. I'm a bit confused about what they are saying but it looks like they will be jacking me again for more $$$.

January 26th, 2010, 06:39 PM
Although ebay is changing their fees in March. I'm a bit confused about what they are saying but it looks like they will be jacking me again for more $$$.

Most of my items on eBay sell in the range of $50.00 to $200.00 (I sell primarily Canon portable printers & Apple IIs). Right now, a $50.00 sale costs $3.00 in Final Value Fees (FVF) which will jump to $6.00 come 3/30/10. A $100 sale will be $9.00, vs $4.88 today, a $150 sale will be $12.00 vs $6.75 today, and a $200 sale will be $15.00 vs $8.63 today. And the insertion fees go from $0.35 to $0.50. These are the standard fees - I refuse to pay eBay even more money for a storefront.

I am moving as much of my business to my blujay.com store as I can. Every eBay sale item ships with promotional materials for my blujay.com webstore. And so far, it seems to be paying off - for this month, so far, my blujay.com sales have been equal to, maybe a bit higher, than my eBay sales.

Seems that these eBay fee hikes are pretty severe - moreso than in the past. I suspect that when folks realize just how much, there will be even more folks flocking away from eBay to the alternatives. I will probably continue to use eBay in much limited fashion - mostly the less expensive items that I can use as a hook to new customers that I can sway over to blujay.com.

January 26th, 2010, 08:26 PM
It's hard enough to sell on ebay as it is and now they want even more money. You'd think with the recession more people would be flocking there to sell their stuff, but it looks more like the new CEO's business plan is failing and we who rely on it for part or all of our income will be footing the bill for his mistake. Geeze...please come back Meg!!! You knew how to run an internet auction site!!!

I'm jacked for 11% as it is now and from the looks of it, my store's monthly fee will go from $15.00 to $49.95. Time to get out of the business from the look of it. You will see all the good small cheap stuff we all are looking for start to disappear soon as businesses close up or move to a new site like Blue jay. Yard sales are starting to look good again, lol.

Here is news just out on ebay...

Ebay shakes up listing fees


January 26th, 2010, 08:53 PM
Yeah. I've been on eBay since 1997, and I am continually disappointed in what eBay is doing (unfortunately it's still the best place to get old computer stuff). I don't ever sell on there anymore (I don't even consider it). At first auctions were only $0.25 and they took some tiny percentage off of the final price.

eBay has gotten to be a giant corporation. Giant corporations don't care about their customers. Giant corporations only care about their bottom line, so become greedy. eBay is a great example of this. They are greedy, they have insane prices (even though tech hardware prices have only gone down). eBay is on a decline, and I can see it going away, or at least becoming irrelevant if they keep this up.

It's sad. eBay has helped this great hobby considerably. It brings hard to find and wanted items to one central place for everyone and saves them from the trash. It's a great idea that started out great, but has been corrupted by greedy CEO politics.

January 27th, 2010, 05:50 AM
I'm with VintageComputerman....I still hit the yard sales every spring and fall, and even though it may take me longer to obtain some of the items I want, I seem to find them eventually. There is the occasional item I still buy from elsewhere that catches my attention, but I haven't purchased or sold on ebay for a long time - it just seemed to be getting more expensive as everyone says, and sleazier by the year. When it comes to the items that are more rare or that I really would like to find, I'd rather perhaps pay a little more to another collector such as the rest of you who know what they have, and get something that is as advertised, lol.

February 16th, 2010, 04:03 PM
A few more questions:

How do I know the power supply and motherboard works (I plug the cable in and turn the computer on and a red light glows next to the power supply)?

Also, is there any demand for a broken case? One of the computers has a case with the 3 clips that attach the top and bottom pieces broken. Would anybody on ebay still want this case to glue to the clips back with epoxy or something. Would it make more sense just to move the parts that are in the broken case to the good case and sell the good case with the parts and just throw away the broken case?

February 19th, 2010, 03:03 AM
How do I know the power supply and motherboard works (I plug the cable in and turn the computer on and a red light glows next to the power supply)?
Plug in a monitor (anything that will take a composite video input) to the video out and look for a stable picture. It would be best if you could place a realistic load on the power supply - like a disk drive adapter connected to a drive. The power-up sequence of the drive draws enough power to point out marginal power supplies.