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January 28th, 2010, 03:26 PM
I loved my commodore. I wish there were some pictures. Does anyone have any pictures?



January 28th, 2010, 05:22 PM
What Commodore did you have? Do a Google search. There are plenty of pictures of old Commodore computers on the web.

January 28th, 2010, 09:51 PM
Actually I would challenge you to mention a single production model Commodore computer of which there are not at least a dozen different images on the Internet. For most of them the number will greatly higher, but I set it low to include all possible models.

January 28th, 2010, 10:25 PM
How about this one:


January 29th, 2010, 12:21 AM
How about this one:
Heh, I was contemplating deleting this thread (our friend has been dropping spam links all over the place) but I didn't want to deny anyone this response ;-)

January 29th, 2010, 06:41 AM
Yeah, I tumbled to the spamming; I figured a frivolous reply was in order. :)

January 29th, 2010, 07:49 AM
I was wondering about that, looked like a spam sig but his several replies were actually human and almost relevant minus any useful detail. Bummer.

January 29th, 2010, 08:06 AM
I like this one.

January 29th, 2010, 08:12 AM
Google "Millie T Cook" and you get 775 hits, all in different forums. Judging from the posts, I'm sure this is a human being paid to post-and-run.

I wonder what the going rate for that kind of work is?

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