View Full Version : Needed Sharp EA-850B, Casio BP2, RS 26-1480 pens etc.

Steve Fisher
July 8th, 2003, 05:55 AM
Commodore 1520
Atari 1020
Tandy CGP-115 (26-1480, 26-1481, or RS 10274850 pens)
Oric MCP40
Sharp CE150, CE515, CE516, MZ1P01 (EA-850B or EA-850C pens)
Casio FA10 (BP1 or BP2 pens)
Mattel Aquarius Printer
Workslate Printer
All of these have common pens for these XY type Plotter/Printers with the Alps printer carriage.
Felt tips are available(The Recorder Company) but I need ball point, black pens for seismographs that we used to manufacture.
These pens are 23mm long tip to tip and 5mm in diameter, ball point on one end and taper to a rounded point on the back end.
Tandy is no longer carring these, and I have exhausted any links that I can think of.
Does anyone know of manufacturers or vendors of such pens?