View Full Version : Superclock II / Titan Techn. Accelerator II/II+ / Practial Peripher. Microbuffer II

April 19th, 2010, 11:38 AM
I own the Superclock II clock card from West Side Electronics incl. the disks, the Accelerator II ( for II and II+, not IIe ), and the Microbuffer II 32KB version. My problem: I cannot find the manuals, so I need to know how to set the dip switches with all three boards, the clock for the different modi/emulations, the Accelerator for choosing the slots that shall be slowed down at 1 MHz etc, the Microbuffer for various printing settings. I would appreciate informations about the setting of the dip switches. PDF files with the manuals would be fantastic, but the pure dip switch data would also make me happy. Can anybody help?? Write to khweiss06 at t-online.de
Thank you in advance.
Yours Karl-Heinz