View Full Version : Compaq portable III PSU cap value

May 2nd, 2010, 06:24 AM
This may be a long shot but I'll ask anyway; I've had a tantalum capacitor in a Compaq Portable III 286 PSU, at location "C16", turn into a roman candle and totally remove itself into another dimension. The only thing remaining of it are the legs and a black soot deposit. I have no idea what the values of the cap are. I have 3 of these machines but the other 2 have different PSU boards. If it's any help this PSU has the silver couloured casing whereas the other 2 have gold coloured casings. Can anyone point me to the schematics? I know they're out there on the net because I used to have them but I can't find them now that I need them (Sods law). The PSU is still good on the motherboard power connector but the internal monitor power connector is 0V.


EDIT: Oops. Got the PSU colours mixed up. The PSU with the blown cap is gold coloured.