View Full Version : Question about original Macintosh system disks

May 9th, 2010, 11:26 AM
I was told by someone that this forum was the best place to ask this. I apologize if a topic like this is frowned upon but, I had a small request. Since it's unlikely that I'll actually ever own one, I'm trying to create an accurate (launch) Mac 128K emulated experience (using Mini vMac). I've built custom versions of Mini vMac to accurately emulate the original Macintosh.

I've already found the Mac128K rom files & mp3 versions of the "Guided Tour" cassette tapes. I was wondering if anyone might have virtual disk images (.dsk/.img/.toast/.dmg) of the original disks? The reason that I'm asking is that I found some disk images online (3 out of the original 6 disk images) but, they seem to be missing files & don't appear to be the original apps/versions.

*A Guided Tour of Macintosh (System .85)
*MacWrite•MacPaint: A guided tour
*System Disk (1.0/v.97)
*System And MacWrite•MacPaint
*MacWrite: Disk Based

(According to http://homepage.mac.com/chinesemac/earlymacs/#128_bundles , the original Mac only came with "System DIsk", "A Guided Tour of Macintosh", "MacWrite•MacPaint" & "MacWrite•MacPaint: A Guided Tour")

Again, I apologize if a topic like this is frowned upon but, this forum seemed like the best place to ask. Any help would be greatly appreciated.