View Full Version : Altair 4k BASIC

May 12th, 2010, 06:58 AM
Last night I got my Altair 8800b to load Altair 4K BASIC via a toggled-in bootstrap loader by using my laptop as a papertape feeder. This project involved soldering the proper jumpers on my Altair 2SIO card, verifying that I have working memory cards, toggling in the correct bootstrap to match the 2SIO card, configuring TeraTerm to act as a proper serial terminal (via my laptop) and sending the papertape binary (2nd level bootstrap and 4K BASIC) from TeraTerm to the 2SIO card and into memory.

Here is a detailed set of MITS 88-2SIO serial card jumpers for 8N1 at 9600 baud, plus the cable pins.