View Full Version : Final version of S-100 Static RAM boadr done

May 22nd, 2010, 10:58 AM
For those that have been following this process, Andrew and I have completed the production of our 4MG S-100 Static RAM board. This is an S-100/IEEE-696 compatible board that works for both 8 bit
and 16 bit modes. This is the final version after two prototypes. With 50ns static memory chips it should be OK with any CPU you use to drive the bus.

A number of people have requested and (hopefully by now) obtained bare boards. I have written up a detail description of the board as well as a construction outline here:-


If there is demand for a second batch of boards we will do another run. Please let Andrew or I know. However remember this is not a commercial venture there will be little or no hand-holding.

BTW, we are working on additional boards including a Z80 CPU board, System Monitor Board (aka Front Panel), an EPROM board, Clock/Calendar board, an Interrupt controller board and numerous
others. Please watch the S100Computers.com website over time for additional information.