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September 21st, 2005, 02:40 PM
Here's a small selection of some photos (uploaded to Imageshack) taken from my small camping trip up state. I got heaps of photos & some movies (on my Digital Cam).

At Mt. Hope:


Australian Hollyhock - Usually a common Native in peoples garden (for the Flower), looks like this Naturally Occurs in that region. There is a variety of this I believe, not sure which one this maybe (think they vary in the colour of the flower).


This shot is looking at some Granite Rocks looking at Mt. Hope. On our short drive there it looked as if some Quarry work was being conducted, this is perhaps another spot they did some work.


This is the view you get looking back from the last shot. As you can see, the plains surrounding the area have been put to other use from settlers.

Mt. Hope is in pretty good condition since the land hasn't had any use in farming, however some weeds have been found there.
In the second photo looking at the granite one of the weeds in the bottom right hand corner of the photo with the Yellow Flowers is an annual called Cape Weed.
The main weedy problem found there is Pattersons Curse, which is a Noxious Weed - usually found on Farming Paddocks - has a purple flower.

At Pyramid Hill - about 10km from Mount Hope (near the town) I uploaded some photos from that spot.



Slightly larger hill - Vegetation there is simular, though is part of the same Granite System found at Mt. Hope. Approx another 10km in the opposite direction is a National Park which has the same Granite System. All of this occured from weak surface areas & Granite cools, so when you look at the areas you have these small Mt. systems seperated by Plains (though the Granite occurs beneath the surface around these Farms).

Overall it's was interesting to have a look at - bit of plant diversity, in some swampy areas & sandy areas which have plants handling the salinity.

As I said, I've got heaps of photos including the some other areas such as the National Park & Salt Plants. I'll post them if people are interested.

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