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June 29th, 2010, 08:21 PM
Hey Again, a little thing i found out about the track-0 sensor, a series of jolts can jostle it out of center.
Just fixed a floppy drive, An ALPS FDD2625BG1, Came from a PCjr, it's a 5.25 Half height. Here's the kicker, Sucker is beat to hell, the logic board is missing pins 1-4 half the Test point pins are missing in action and it spins a little fast. BUT after a month of it sitting, i saw the track-0 sensor was a little crooked. I thought it would explain why it wouldn't read any disks and when the heads got to where 0 should be, they banged, like an apple drive, i found something saying they would do that if the sensor was off. The Fix? Unscrew the sensor, crowbar it all the way to the front of the drive, and tighten the screw., it works EVERYTIME now.

Just a success story i thought i'd share

And note. Google turns up this thing as a 1.2mb drive made by alps here

AND as a 360kb drive here

Go Figure, people don't even know where they are sellin for replacements anymore :eek:
The stepper motor says 13Jan84NB
So i have a roundabout date of it's manufacture

Also, if ANYONE has access to JUST the logic board of this bad-boy let me know, it works great without pins 1-4, but still...