View Full Version : Heads up – new upgrade Device Side for USB 5.25” floppy controller – e.g. Kaypro

July 5th, 2010, 10:06 AM
As of 07/02/2010 the upgrade now includes –

Support for Kaypro 4 CP/ M 2.2 disks

Kaypro Uniform

Please go to the website for more details –


I have tried the upgrade on an old early year 2000 Gateway running WIN XP and found it works as advertised.

Will do more testing when I get time – e.g. Presario WIN ME, Toshiba Satellite laptop with WIN 98SE, etc.

The previous version worked on all of these, so I expect the upgrade will also.

But wanted you to know ASAP.

Adam and I have been in correspondence and I sent him the necessary Kaypro disks to help him with this Kaypro upgrade.

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I want to stress – I value my independence to –

“ tell it just as it is and I have experience it.”

I have not, nor will I accept, any and all “considerations” for my activities.

Adam knows this and he has not offered any.

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But since computing is so diverse, you may not have the experiences as I did with anything I may report.

Hope it is of some interest and use.

Enjoy !



FYI - For the past 2 months we have been very actively “just getting the job done” with our “downsizing / cleanout” of our home since 1974 and after very active lives in many ways of 40 years of marriage.

We finally found some good and reasonable local people to do this while we still can. So that has to take priority for now.

Will get back to these vintage computer projects when I eventually can.