View Full Version : Sun3/4 Zoo needs help...

Lord Moz
July 11th, 2010, 07:29 AM
Save the Suns!

After a long absence I revisited the Sun 3 Zoo (http://www.sun3zoo.de/) (which apparently has expanded into a Sun 4 Zoo (http://www.sun4zoo.de/) as well) and noticed a statement that the owner (Peter) has to give up his collection and is asking for people to save the machines.

I would take the whole lot if I could, but he's in Germany, and has a huge collection. So, I figured I might mention his plight over here to see if there might be anyone nearer him, or with deeper pockets for shipping. I still might see if I can get one or a few machines, as the budget allows.

He has extensive histories of each machine, with pictures, names and inventories of the installed options of everything. It's really an impressive collection and it's a shame to see it broken up. I don't know why he has to part with the machines, but there could be any number of reasons.

Anyway, if anyone can help him, I hope he doesn't mind me spreading his request.

July 12th, 2010, 09:02 AM
Quite a bummer to see a lot of these sites going away. Even the PDP dude was offloading (well selling but moving so probably some deals were had) his collection. Nice of you to repost for him though. At least the systems can still be preserved by a collector if that happens.