View Full Version : Thrustmaster ACM questions

July 31st, 2010, 08:15 AM
So I obtained this card from a garage sale a while back. It's evidently just a gameport expander, with two of the ports. Oddly, it also has a 1/8" phono jack; I think, based on what little I can gather from Google, that this is for some kind of specialty control item, but I'm not really sure; anybody know what the deal is there? Next, and more importantly, there are two jumpers with four positions each. I'm assuming that these are for configuring the gameports, probably the I/O base-address of each. If so, I would guess that position 1 is the standard gameport address, and that by setting the jumpers to higher positions, I could avoid conflicts with my sound card's game port and have all three of them functional (not sure what I'd ever use that for, but eh, why not?) Anybody know if this is correct, or know where I can get documentation?