View Full Version : IBM software that runs on Dos 3.2

August 3rd, 2010, 10:49 AM
With other computers its very easy for me to identify which games/programs they will work with, but I'm a bit confused with IBM stuff. I have compaq portable with dos 3.2. How do I know if a game is compatible with that?

Also, for apple ii computers theres a program called ADTPro I use to transfer apple ii disk images from my windows pc to my apple machines. Is there a similar program i can use for my IBM clone?

Thanks in advance.

August 3rd, 2010, 11:17 AM
PC's are a little different thenmost 8 bit computers with respect to games. All games have a minimum CPU and speed they need to have (and might not work if you are too fast on the other end), then comes OS and free memory, then you have sound card requirements. Some old games run from floppy (3.5" DD or HD, 5.25" DD or HD) while others need to be installed on the HD. You also have games that might need CGA, EGA , or VGA graphics and might look a little funny running on the wrong screen.

There is a program called Winimage that makes disk images from real floppies and dumps them back as needed, some archives are just ZIP files you need to unzip back to a formatted floppy. Some games you can unzip directly to a hard disk directory and RUN. I don't know of a program and will dump images to a second machines floppy drive using software and a serial cable between machines like say Amiga explorer.